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External Memory Device Restriction Tool eX WP

This tool prevents information leakage. While permitting users to import data from an external source or device to their PC, it prohibits users from taking out information to an external source or device.

File Copy Prohibition Tool eX WP (Write Protect)

Controllable External Memory Device

FD, MO, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW/RAM (including writing software), memory stick, USB memory storage, SD memory card, multi-media card, Zip, external HDD (USB, IEEE1394 Interface etc.), PCMCIA memory storage (compact flash etc.), and other devices that OS can assign a drive letter to.
Drive letter assignment is required to control data copy.

How QND Information Leakage Prevention Works

Installating an offsite client PC is possible.
By remote, temporarily permit outputting information, and be able to confirm current state of a client PC.

QND Information Leakage Prevention Set Flow

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More information about eX WP is available at Quality Corporation.


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