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Hosting Service

At Devicenet USA, we have various hosting service options for private use to corporate use. Web hosting service operates on a secure, high speed server. We also support developing a website as well as setting up email accounts using your own domain.

Server Rental Service

Shared Server

If you are interested in any of the four plans below, you will be able to have a website and email with your own domain for a low price as low as $50/month. Select an option that's right for you or your company.
Please contact us for more information.

Dedicated Server

If a dedicated business use server is chosen, you will be able to to utilize a larger capacity which can meet the requirements your office demands. In addition, we offer full support even after the installation is complete.
Feel free to contact us for more information.

Website Development and Renewal

"I want to develop a company website." "I want to renew a website."
In the current business world, a website is the ultimate promotion for your company and a vital tool. For those who share this idea, Devicenet is your solution. We will propose an appealing web project within your budget. We will assist you through the entire developmental process and what is best is that it all happens in one place: Devicenet.
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