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About Devicenet

Since we established Devicenet USA as an IT outsourcing company in 1997, we gave our full efforts to satisfy our customers' requests. We would like to introduce an overview of our company.


  • We need to be a necessary existence for our customers.
  • We will contribute our service so that our customers can focus on their core business.
  • A good relationship between us and our customers is aspired to by reverence, gratitude, and confidence in our abilities.

Company Profile

Company Devicenet USA, Inc.
Address 4000 Moorpark ave., #116 San Jose, CA 95117
Representatives CEO Hideki Nakanishi / COO Takashi Kusanagi / CFO Katsumi Nishi/ Director Yoshinori Tanimoto
Established May, 1997
Business Content
System integration service, webhosing service, software/hardware distribution, technical support service

Company History

October 1996 Registered Mikasa Shoji Co., Ltd. branch in Santa Clara
May 1997 Started practice as a Mikasa Shoji branch in 4215 Blackford Ave. suite 245, San Jose, CA 95117
January 1998 Founded 100% Mikasa Shoji investmented subsidiary, Devicenet USA, Inc.
March transferred all practice from Mikasa Shoji San Jose branch to Devicenet USA, Inc.
July 2006
Moved to 4000 Moorpark Ave. Suite 116, San Jose, CA 95117

Devicenet USA, Inc. 4000 Moorpark ave., #116 San Jose, CA 95117
Tel: (408) 557-0413 Fax: (408) 557-0414 E-mail: info@devicenet-usa.com

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