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From hardware to software, Devicenet deals with a wide range of products you may need for your office. With a reasonable price, we offer products that suit your office.

IoT Solutions

Web based Operation Monitoring System "Flex Signal for WD Series"

Web based Operation Monitoring System "Flex Signal for WD Series"

Web based Operation Monitoring System Flex Signal for WD

The PATLITE WD Series is a simple, all-in-one solution for wirelessly transmitting Signal Tower status.
Just attach it to a Signal Tower! Send information wirelessly!

FlexSignal Realtime Online Demo

Please go to the link below to demo the FlexSignal software suite.
Click the banner below.

Flex Signal デモサイト

Flex Signal for AirGRID の主な機能

● Monitor operation status of various equipment.
● Realk time management of Operation, Stop and Production volume conditions by monitoring changing of signal status.
● Easily monitor the status of all devices via the WEB browser.
● Individual master management allow high flexibility of settings for each device.

Gantt Chart

To achieve Kaizen, FlexSignal allows you to quickly and easily understand production volume, running and stopping status, and the historical data of all operation status changes.

Gantt Chart


Buid a unique Andnn system by displaying real-time current operation status as well as more specific equipment information such as duration of operation, down time, and status change count.


Operation Analysis

FlexSignal's basic operation analysis function calculates the results of daily operation records which helps analyze the efficiency of each machine.
Reports are able to be downloaded in CSV format.


Master Management

You can configure FlexSignal's parameters of each signal tower individually. Available parameters are signal color, status, alert, counting etc.

Master Management

Event notification

Event activity is sent as a visual notification to a PATLITE Signal Tower when the corresponding device status changes between normal and abnormal. Each eent can also be sent as an e-mail to various addresses.

Event Management

FlexSignal Functions Overview
Signal Light Information
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Buzzer Duration and Count of Lighting or Flashing, Operation Signal, Error Signal, Operation Rate Automatic Measurement.
Count Management Number of Production, Production Progress Calculation
Monitor Andon Monitor Signal light status, Operation Rate, Number of Production, Duration and Count of lighting or flashing
Gantt Chart List Gantt Chart List Display, Display current value (3 items)
Multi Display Andon Monitor, Gantt Chart List Display, 10-page management
Subtitle 3 types
Background color White, Black
History Management Separate Signal Management Duration and Count of Lighting,
Duration and Count of Flashing
Time Separate number of production Number of production management
Separate Signal Chart 24 hr display, Lighting, Flashing, 5 color / simultaneous color switching
Simple Analysis Operation time, Operation stop, Production Progress, Performance
Data download Export / Output Operation CSV data (Excel)
Master Management System Settings Factory date/time switching, Management name, Register Password, Subtitle
Management separate signal light Separate color information, Operation light, Error Light, Operation Rate, Count, Monitor settings, Simultaneous light management
Production settings Number of production forecast, Target production rate
External notifications e-mail delivery Signal change e-mail notification
Network indicator Network indicator coorination on signal change
System Settings Languages English, Japanese, Chinese
Background color White, Black
Compatible Device PATLITE Wireless
(WD series)
(WD Z2 Series)
(WD LR Series)


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